Diamoire Jewels Handcrafted 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Affluent Pendant goWD6uSD

Diamoire Jewels Handcrafted 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Affluent Pendant goWD6uSD
Diamoire Jewels Handcrafted 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Affluent Pendant
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‘I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the job, but that’s because it was important to me. It’s nice to have things that are important to you, even if they don’t end the way you want them to. I did my very best in the interview and I know I’ll be okay. That one wasn’t the job for me, but I know there is going to be one that is perfect. I just have to keep trying and be patient.

Facing fear is so empowering (within the limits of self-preservation of course – staying alive is also empowering) but to do this, they need the right support – as we all do. Kids can be fairly black and white about things so when they are faced with something difficult, the choices can seem like only two – face it head on or avoid it at all costs. But there is a third option, and that is to move gradually towards it, while feeling supported and with a certain amount of control. Angara GIA Certified Emerald Infinity Swirl Pendant with Diamonds GsOEBdpl1H
which explains how to edge them gently and safely towards the things that challenge them.

Angara Tahitian Cultured Pearl Split Shank Ring with Double Halo NVuc2MsEXC

Let them know that the courage they show in doing something brave and difficult is more important than the outcome. Age-appropriate freedom lets them learn where their edges are, encourages them to think about their decisions, and teaches them that they can cope with the things that go wrong. When they take risks they start to open up to the world and realise their capacity to shape it. There’s magic in that for them and for us.

‘I love how brave you are. When you try harder and harder things, they might not always work out, but it means you’re getting stronger, smarter, braver and you’ll be closer to getting it next time.’

It is in the precious space between falling and standing back up again that they learn how to find their feet. Of course, sometimes scooping them up and giving them a steady place to be is exactly what they need to find the strength to move forward. The main thing is not to do it every time. Exposure to stressors and challenges that they can manage during childhood will help to ensure that they are more able to deal with stress during adulthood. There is evidence that these early experiences causepositive changes in the prefrontal cortex (the ‘calm down, you’ve got this’ part of the brain), that will protect against the negative effects of future stress. Think of it like immunisation – a little bit of the pathogen, whether it’s a virus or something stressful, helps to build up resistance or protect against the more severe version.

Resilience isn’t about never falling down. It’s about getting back up again, and there’s no hurry for this to happen. All of us experience emotional pain, setback, grief and sadness sometimes. Feelings always have a good reason for being there, even if they can feel a little pushy at times. The key for kids is to learn to respect those feelings (even the bad ones), but not let them take charge and steer towards trouble. Sadness and grief, for example, can make us want to withdraw for a little while. It is during the withdrawal that information is reflected upon, assimilated and processed so that balance can be found again. If this is rushed, even if it is in the name of resilience, it can stay as a gentle rumble and show up through behaviour, sometimes at wildly unexpected times.

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City centre to city centre new direct route
3hrs 1min to Rotterdam Centraal

Take the train from London to Rotterdam

With our new twice-daily train direct from London St Pancras International to Rotterdam Centraal, it takes just 3hrs 1 min to speed from city centre to city centre.

And there’s no hidden charges for luggage or limits on liquids.

Fragments Flower Hoop Earrings QqHVrW

You’ll need to arrive at St Pancras International 45-60 minutes before departure.

That way there’ll be plenty of time to scan your ticket at the ticket gates and breeze through security and passport control.

Once you’re through, you can pick up a few refreshments for the journey or just sit back and relax until it’s time to board.

Kick back and enjoy the scenery as it flashes by. Or relax with a copy of Metropolitan, our monthly onboard magazine.

Lose yourself in a TV programme or film, a fascinating documentary, or some kids’ TV.

Or dive into a world beneath the waves with Eurostar Odyssey – a virtual reality adventure on board.

There’s free wi-fi on our trains and each seat has a power socket – so, there’s no danger of your phone dying before you can post that all-important onboard selfie.

You can get food and drinks from Café Métropole if you get peckish. And, if you’re travelling in Standard Premier or Business Premier, you’ll get a complimentary meal.

Children under 16 cannot travel unaccompanied on our direct route to the Netherlands.

Please be sure to keep your ticket handy for arrival. You’ll need to scan it at the NS ticket gates to exit your destination station.

Looking for local information? Pick up maps, flyers for attractions, and ask for handy travel tips at Rotterdam Tourist Information. You’ll find it just inside the main entrance to Rotterdam Centraal.

On the way back, take a Thalys train from Rotterdam Centraal to Brussels-Midi/Zuid. Then, take a direct Eurostar train from Brussels to London St Pancras International which takes under two hours.

Our booking system will find the best possible price for your combined Thalys and Eurostar ticket.

To change at Brussels, hop off the Thalys train (don’t forget your luggage), then head to the ground floor. You’ll find the Eurostar departure area under platforms 1 and 2.

When you get there, scan the barcode on your Eurostar ticket at the ticket gates, pass through security and passport control and you’re on your way again.

From its buzzing nightlife to its vibrant art and culture scene, Rotterdam has so much to explore. Here’s a few highlights from a dynamic, must-see city. If you want to discover all the city has to offer, then why not go on a Rotterdam city break ?

February : Art Rotterdam Week

April : Koningsdag

July: North Sea Jazz

August : HOP beer festival

If it’s food you’re after, make a beeline for Markthal .

Inside you’ll find nearly 100 stalls selling everything edible under the sun, as well as restaurants and a cookery school .

Hop on a bike
Fox News
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Angara Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Platinum IMLvq
Fox News

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. ©2018 FOX News Network, LLC. All rights reserved. All market data delayed 20 minutes.

Style + Beauty
By Alexandra Deabler | Fox News

Megan Pohlmeier wanted to wear her US Army sash to graduation, but was denied her request. (Megan Pohlmeier)

A Nebraska high school is speaking out and defending its actions after receiving major backlash on social media for denying a graduating senior’s request to wear her U.S. Army sash during the graduation ceremony.

Megan Pohlmeier was planning on participating in her high school’s graduation ceremony in May. To celebrate the occasion, the teen said she wanted to wear her Army sash, which was given to her by her recruiter at the Grand Island office in Nebraska four days before graduation, she told Fox News.

Pohlmeier said she called the school to see if she could wear the black and yellow sash during the ceremony.

"It was something I worked really hard to earn. They told me ‘no’ and did not really give me a reason," she told the Angara Diamond Halo Blue Sapphire Vintage Stud Earrings in Rose Gold ZmxYEJ7No


Pohlmeier’s father also tried calling the school, but Principal Thomas Szlanda told him the same thing.

Despite being told no, Pohlmeier decided to wear her sash tucked under her graduation gown so she could take pictures with it after the ceremony. (Megan Pohlmeier)

Despite being told no, Pohlmeier decided to wear her sash tucked under her graduation gown so she could take pictures with it after the ceremony.

However, Principal Szlanda saw the sash peeking out under the black gown and pulled her out of line, she said.

“He pulled me out of line and said, ‘I talked to you and your father and you are not to be wearing that. If I see you wearing that again, you will not receive your diploma,’” she told the World-Herald.

Since the graduation, which Pohlmeier did participate in sans sash, her story has gone viral on Facebook with many calling the school's actions “unacceptable” and “disrespectful.”

Now, Hastings Public Schools Superintendent Craig Kautz is defending his school’s graduation accessories policy, saying “if we don’t award it, you don’t wear it.”

Hastings Public Schools Superintendent Craig Kautz said he believed the student was told she could not wear her sash visibly for the ceremony, but should have been allowed to tuck it into her gown. (Megan Pohlmeier)

“The rule is in place to prevent student’s writing the silly ‘Hi, Mom’ on the hat and goofy things. We’re trying to keep our graduations somewhat dignified,” Kautz told Fox News.

Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD, PsyD, CRNP, ACRN, CPH on May 3, 2018 — Written by Jaime Herndon, MS, MPH, MFA



Laughing during sleep, also called hypnogely, is a relatively common occurrence. It can often be seen in babies, sending parents scrambling to note down baby’s first laughter in the baby book!

In general, laughing in your sleep is harmless. In rare instances, it can be a sign of a neurological issue.

Understanding REM cycles

Understanding sleep is important when looking at laughter during sleep. There are two main kinds of sleep: rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM sleep. Over the course of a night, you go through multiple cycles of REM and non-REM sleep.

Non-REM sleep occurs in three stages:

Stage 1. Stage 2. Stage 3.

REM sleep is when most of your dreaming occurs. It first starts about an hour and a half after falling asleep. As the name suggests, your eyes move very quickly back and forth under your eyelids. Your brain waves are varied but are close to how they are when you’re awake.

While your breathing is irregular and your heartbeat and blood pressure are similar to when you’re awake, your arms and legs are temporarily paralyzed. This is so that you don’t act out the activity you may be doing in your dreams.

Laughing in your sleep usually happens during REM sleep, although there are instances of it occurring during non-REM sleep, too. Sometimes this is referred to as a parasomnia, a type of Angara GIA Certified Cushion Green Amethyst Solitaire Ring RZju2pcD
that causes abnormal movements, perceptions, or emotions that happen during sleep.

What causes a person to laugh in their sleep?

Laughing in your sleep is typically nothing to worry about. One small Blue Nile Double Link Bracelet in Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Vermeil 4rSp0i8TL
found that it’s most often a harmless physiological phenomenon that occurs with REM sleep and dreaming. While it can happen during non-REM, this is much rarer.

Rarely, laughter during sleep can be a sign of something more serious, such as REM sleep behavior disorder . In this disorder, the paralysis of your limbs doesn’t occur during REM sleep and you act out your dreams physically.

It can also include talking, laughing, shouting, and if you wake up during the incident, remembering the dream.

REM sleep behavior disorder may be associated with other disorders, including Lewy body dementia and Parkinson’s disease .

Laughter in sleep can also be associated with non-REM sleep arousal parasomnias, which are somewhat like being half-asleep and half-awake.

Such parasomnias include sleepwalking and sleep terrors . These episodes are on the shorter side, with most lasting less than an hour. These are more common in children, but they can also happen in adults. An increased risk of parasomnia can be caused by:

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